Extra virgin olive oil as the breast milk

Extra virgin olive oil contains many omega 3 and 6 , very valuable unsaturated fats for the body’s well-being. In fact , the extra virgin olive oil , it would be the most similar to breast milk food.

Perfect in composition and suitable for everyone. Always add to the baby porridge , from the start of weaning .

It is well digested and helps both gastric function is to gut , preventing constipation phenomenon.Also contains no cholesterol , unlike butter or lard , ubiquitous in packaged sweets , which come too in eating habits of children .As adolescents , there has been a dangerous increase in cholesterol levels , in parallel to obesity which still stands at 34.1 % of children between 6 and 9 years old, it is recommended to replace as much as possible , the animal fats with olive oil; It is an essential precaution.


The extra virgin olive oil contains vitamins and essential elements for the growth and development of every human being:

Polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 ( linolenic acid ) and Omega-6 ( linoleic acid ) , which offer protection from cardiovascular diseases due to their contrasting action contribute to the reduction of “bad” cholesterol LDL but do not affect the “good” cholesterol HDL.

Vitamin D, important in the growth , for its adjustment function of calcium and phosphorus in the metabolism and because it promotes the intake of minerals during the process of ossification . This guarantees children a ” construction” of the skeleton that protects against fractures in his youth and risks of osteoporosis in old age.

Vitamin E , essential for balanced growth and for the formation of red blood cells

Vitamin A, the protagonist of the development of the immune and skeletal system.

All the benefits of olive oil

Care cradle cap

The parts of the head , affected by milk crust , they benefit if they are moistened with olive oil before proceeding to the normal cleaning or the shampoo.

It is antireddening

Children who have sensitive skin and out of the bath reddened , will have relief if the mother adds to their bathroom two tablespoons of olive oil.

Fights constipation

Gentle and effective laxative action for the delicate intestines of the infant is made by adding 2 drops of extra virgin olive oil cold pressed into the bottle.


For mom olive oil it is great in pregnancy

Effective preventive care , for stretch marks during pregnancy consists of daily massage with olive oil . It has a firming effect and vitamin E contained in the oil protects and strengthens the skin.


Warning : at any age your dose (meaning a meal dose)

6 months: a teaspoon

1 year : a soup spoon

18 months : 1 tablespoon plus one teaspoon soup

from 2 years onwards : 2 tablespoons

The extra virgin olive oil in your child’s diet

Accustom the child to a healthy diet since weaning , it is important. A little extra virgin olive oil in the baby jelly stimulates the appetite.

All pediatricians recommend extra virgin olive oil as a condiment perfect to add to baby food weaning , for its rich source of essential fatty acids present in quantity and optimal supply, the high concentration of oleic acid ( the predominant fatty acid in breast milk ), its fine palatability, which makes much more tasty jelly, and the extreme digestibility.

With weaning it can happen , that you present the problem of constipation; the child’s body, it must , in fact , get used to the new food model. With a constant and minimal ( one teaspoon ) intake of extra virgin olive oil at every meal, this disturbance will be kept under control and eliminated.