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The Mediterranean Diet

THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET Extra Virgin Olive Oil And Its Benefits The extra virgin olive oil is used mainly for food to flavor dishes and has the advantage of being considered the main element of the Mediterranean diet. Unlike animal fats such as cheese , butter , whole milk , fatty meats and eggs , whose consumption is linked to the development of cardiovascular disease , producing an increased cholesterol in the blood ; extra virgin olive oil has the advantage of performing a protective action , helping balance the bad cholesterol ( LDL ) and the good ( HDL ). The extra virgin olive oil , also known as " liquid gold " for its health benefits , consists mainly of a high concentration of antioxidants ( monounsaturated fatty acids , linoleic acid, polyphenols , oleic acid) not only contains very high percentages Vitamin a, Vitamin D and Vitamin E , and minerals such as iron, calcium , magnesium and potassium. Benefits Of Polyphenols The extra virgin olive oil than in other oils , is rich in polyphenols , antioxidant molecules [...]

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The Breast Milk

LIKE THE BREAST MILK Extra virgin olive oil as the breast milk Extra virgin olive oil contains many omega 3 and 6 , very valuable unsaturated fats for the body's well-being. In fact , the extra virgin olive oil , it would be the most similar to breast milk food. Perfect in composition and suitable for everyone. Always add to the baby porridge , from the start of weaning . It is well digested and helps both gastric function is to gut , preventing constipation phenomenon.Also contains no cholesterol , unlike butter or lard , ubiquitous in packaged sweets , which come too in eating habits of children .As adolescents , there has been a dangerous increase in cholesterol levels , in parallel to obesity which still stands at 34.1 % of children between 6 and 9 years old, it is recommended to replace as much as possible , the animal fats with olive oil; It is an essential precaution. Property The extra virgin olive oil contains vitamins and essential elements for the growth and development [...]

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