Specialized in the colture of olive trees from generation to generation.

The company has been founded thanks to a deep passion of Mr. Adriano Geminiani already owner of a farm specialized in the colture of olive-trees from generation, that brought him to a further develop in the “Piceno” area of the specific olive-trees knowledge and study.

It is worth to give a short outline of the history which is particularly interesting.

In the Piceno territory there is the most known olive-variety “ l’Ascolana”, together with “il Sargano”, “il Piantone di Falerone” and “la Carboncella”, olive trees cultivated  in the territory called in ancient times by the Romans “Faleria Picenus”.

The tender olive “Ascolana” comes from a distant past in the centuries, when during the roman times it was appreciated for its particular sweety flavour and properties that was conferred to this olive: like for example the capacity to whet the appetite or to have therapeutics functions for kidney stones and tooths decay.

Therefore for over 2000 years the Piceno territory was known to the world for the excellence of his oleical productions.

Still today we can admire secular plants of 700/800 years ago.


Today we can affirm that the olives, for the single
variety or mixed with the new varieties introduction, as “il Leccino”, “il Frantoio” and the more recent as “il Moraiolo” and “il Pendolino” (all kind of olives utilized by the Gemina d’Or), harvested mechanically at the right ripening moment.


the extraction of excellent high quality oils with a characteristic flavour from the sweety to the bitter and the spicy one.
The responsibles of these organoleptic sensations are the polyphenolic substances which represent the antioxidants that permit a better preservation of the products and are also responsible of the nutritional and healthy properties of the extra virgin olive oil.

To conclude the main purpose of this company, situated in Montedinove (province of Ascoli Piceno) in the region Marche, is to represent and to tell in the best way possible these oils in different Italian regions and through the export in foreign countries.
Using the modern methods (like the cold-pressing procedure) and taking care till the minimum detail of all the working procedures: from the olives harvested mechanically (in part own production, 10.000 olive trees) which have to be healthy, complete and have to be worked within 2 days from the harvesting.
The transport and stockage which have to be made exclusively in large cases with holes.

The transformation process of the olives which is: the leaves removal, the olives washing, the olives crushing and the most important phase: the working process of the paste obtained from the olives crushing which has to be done at a very low temperature; pointing out that only at a low temperature we can obtain oils of the highest quality, as in this way we don’t damage the preciously riches nutritional properties of the olives.

Our company “ La Gemina d’Or” utilizes for its production following olives varieties: il Frantoio, il Piantone di Falerone, il Leccino, la Craboncella, il Moraiolo and il Pendolino.