Guided tours and tastings





Ours is a really suited to home, so our customers can take guided tours in the mill with a path conceived within the company, to bring people to the extra virgin olive oil cultur, from its birth to its consumption direct.

  • Visit in soils with a chance to see and work in the olive harvest (during the oil campaign and by reservation from mid October to mid November ) ;
  • Visit to the mill with the presentation of the areas intended for the processing of olives and description of the collection of the same operations , explanation of modern oil extraction technique (even in the summer period from April to September).
  • Viewing squeezing operations of olives and obtaining the product in real time and areas for storage and bottling (only during the oil campaign from mid October to mid November).
  • Tasting of extra virgin olive oils (even in summer from April to September).
  • Possibility of buying extra virgin olive oil directly from the farm.

During the tasting phases we will get to know the extra virgin olive oil , main food of the Mediterranean cuisine.

We will make you feel its scents and flavors, thus identifying the qualities of an oil. During the tour there will explanations and techniques on the cultivation and processing of olives.

The route can be booked by:

  • Groups of families.
  • Travel agencies that organize tours and culinary tours.
  • Local Tourist Accommodations ( hotels , cottages , etc.).
  • Managers of local elementary and middle schools.
  • For anyone with an interest in spreading the culture of noble extra virgin olive oil.

To do this it does not require a minimum number of people participating in guided tours in the mill , but it requires reservations required.